Overview about the Group in Vietnam

Name of the corporation:

- Name in Taiwan:                                 Hong Hai Science and Technology Corporation
- Name in China:                                   Foxconn Science and Technology Corporation
- English brand:                                     HON HAI TECHNOLOGY GROUP                                                                                                                 FOXCONN TECHNOLOGY GROUP
Chairman of the Group:                        Quach Dai Minh (TERRY GOU)
Date of establishment of the Group:  February 20th 1974

Sơ lược về Tập đoàn tại Việt Nam

Hong Hai Science and Technology Corporation was established in 1974 in Taiwan with the largest scale in the world in the fields of electronics, information technology and computers. In March 2007, the Group began to build factories in Bac Ninh, Bac Giang and some provinces of Vietnam. Diversified products in various fields related to computers, information technology, consumer electronics, automotive components, semiconductor devices and technology for environmental protection, etc...