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A, How does FOXCONN carry wastewater treatment?

Wastewater: Hong Hai Science and Technology Corporation has not discharged industrial wastewater but only domestic wastewater.

Since the beginning of operations in 2007, the company has invested in the construction of wastewater treatment stations for two factories: Que Vo (B15) and Dong Vang (E05) with a capacity of 2,300 m³ / day and night, to ensure that wastewater treatment processes arising in daily activities and production meet the standard of QCVN 40: 2011 / BTNMT.

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In addition, the company also established the Vietnam Public Affairs Division to improve efficiency and sustain operation of wastewater treatment stations during 24/24, and periodically collaborates with the Environment Monitoring and Analyzing Center of Bac Giang to take samples of treated wastewater for evaluation.

VN-EHS Division also coordinates management by setting the checklist and check the potential hazards on every Tuesday, as well as monitoring operation of the stations, and requiring update improvement.

VN-EHS contacts with testing centers to take samples and test treated wastewater for analysis. 

Apply for approval to discharge wastewater.

B, How does FOXCONN carry waste treatment?

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With normal household waste: use three-compartment bins for sorting waste (including garbage bins, paper containers and plastic containers). Daily, garbage-collectors will conduct waste classification and collection, and then transport them into the waste treatment area and contact with waste disposal company for weighing the garbage and disposal.





Industrial waste (including hazardous waste and common waste):

The company has invested in building hazardous waste storage and common waste storage separately and conducted classification right from the source. Classified waste is stored in containers with clear names.

  • VN-EHS division is responsible for monitoring and managing hazardous waste storage
  • Signed 3 - side contract on management and treatment of hazardous waste in accordance with regulations.
  • After treatment of hazardous waste, create 9 - copy documents for management.
  • Periodically check and report to the state agencies about the conditions of hazardous waste management of the company.
  • Create registry book for the waste generator

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C, The movement of planting green trees to reduce emissions in plants:

On March 29th 2013, all leaders and employees of Hong Hai Science and Technology Corporation in Vietnam are in response to the activity "Planting trees to reduce emission”

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